One thing we like to do at Ward Electrical, is something a little different. We have started to offer:

Genuine Victorian Cast Iron lamp posts with copper tops. Supply, Refurbishment & Installation.

Our most recent addition to our Custom Lighting range – Genuine re-claimed cast iron Victorian Lamp posts. These come in a range of sizes to suit your needs and are genuine re-claimed cast iron Victorian street lights. We can supply these heavy duty, quality fittings, you can even choose the post you want from our selections. The posts are supplied in an ‘as removed’ condition, which means paint & surface rust will be present. Feedback from our customers so far has been that they like the ‘weathered’ look as it adds originality, however we can re-furbish the fittings to your desired colour, and even include detailing on the lamps fantastic cast iron features.

Ward Electrical - Now Installing genuine Victorian Lamp Posts One of our Ground Workers Preparing the Victorian Lamp Post Installing Victorian Lamp Posts Having to use the van to move the posts around due to their weight!

Each lamp post is supplied with real, high quality hand made copper tops, however, if you dont like them, we can look at alternatives. These fittings are ideal features for your property or garden. The tallest lantern we supply is approximately 15ft tall when complete with copper top. Some groundwork is required in order to install these lamp posts, but with our team of highly skilled, professional ground workers, we offer a complete start to finish supply & install package. These posts can be used to replace existing garden lighting, or we can install them from scratch.

Fantastic hand made copper tops Groundworker Dale getting the holes dug ready for installation. Victorian Lamp post installation in Mansfield John preparing the lamp post for switch on

If you wish to discuss the possibility of getting one of these fantastic Victorian cast iron lamp posts installed, or would like information on pricing, please call Ward Electrical on 01623 368 603.


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